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latinmom2398's Journal

14th May, 2005. 4:38 pm.

i'm here at home with my daughter visiting me. i'm looking at my emails, and i see alot of good things. my husband is looking at a website that has lots of trucks.

i love my family.

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18th March, 2005. 5:57 pm.

am feel so greatful for each girls come to help me in may home i love my duaghters evryone is spacial for me remember my girls i love so much

Current mood: cheerful.

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18th March, 2005. 1:42 pm.

my daughter sandra is here helping me. her husband brian is cleaning domingo's room.

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4th March, 2005. 9:42 am.

I hope you enjoy my journal..

Current mood: happy.

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4th March, 2005. 9:34 am.

Hey I'm new..

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